The Healthy Mouth

 Richard A. Miller DDS,FAGD

A Preventive Dental Practice


  •  a sugar alcohol
  • ​​tastes like sugar with 33% less calories
  • ​found in fruit and vegetables
  • organic and all natural
  • your liver produces 15 gm per day
  • can protect your teeth from decay

How does xylitol help?

  •  bad bacteria consume xylitol
  •  bad bacteria can't use the xylitol for energy
  • xylitol causes bad bacteria to decrease in number
  • xylitol promotes the growth of good bacteria
  •  xylitol raises the pH of the mouth
  •  xylitol promotes remineralization of the teeth

Xylitol versus other sugar substitutes

  • 5-carbon sugar while others are 6-carbon sugars
  • sorbitol an​other sugarless sweetener can be used by bacteria
  • other sugar substitutes don't cause the death of bad bacteria 
  • xylitol is an all-natural sweetener

How to use xylitol

  • try to get 5 to 6 exposures to xylitol per day
  • ​after 5-6 weeks the bad bacteria start to die off
  • start off slow and build to 5-6 gm per day
  • xylitol mints are a convenient way to get the 5-6 daily exposures ​

Product Examples:

  • Xyla
  • Spry
  • ​Zellies

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