​​​The Healthy Mouth

Microscopic ​examination of the dental plaque is critical to diagnosis.

  • Genetic factors, as well as acquired risk factors such as diabetes mellitus and exposure to                                  tobacco, accelerate the inflammatory processes of gum disease.

  • SRP is a non-surgical procedure to reduce the pathogenic bacteria under the gums.

  • Gum disease has no cure but can be controlled  with proper monitoring and  maintenance                                           in the dental office and at home.

  • Research shows that up to 65% of the population in the United States has  some degree of periodontal disease.

  • Diagnosis of gum disease requires more than a probe to  measure  pocket depths.                              It requires​ an analysis of the  periodontal  pathogens causing the disease.

  • Pocketing and recession are the result of the disease, not its cause.

  • Gum disease is due to pathogenic bacteria in the mouth  that cause a chronic inflammatory reaction which destroys the  gums and bones that support the teeth.


 Richard A. Miller DDS, FAGD