Over 35 years ago,  after growing up in Montgomery County and graduating from the University of Maryland Dental School, my wife and I returned to the area to raise a family and start my dental practice.  Since then, I have continued my education, which included earning my fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry.


 As a general practitioner, I enjoy treating patients from age 2 to 99, providing care in all phases of dentistry. This includes bonding, crowns, orthodontics (including Invisalign), gum surgery, root canals , implants, and prevention of dental disease.  The last 25 years have brought great progress in our ability to repair damaged teeth. However, 35 years of practice has shown me that preventing problems from occurring in the first place is a better method of maintaining one's health. There is clear evidence of the connection between mouth and body, leading me to believe that the prevention of dental disease is an important factor in improving and maintining a person's general health. I enjoy studying the latest preventive techniques and sharing my knowledge with my patients. My examinations, consultations, and services are all focused on stressing the importance of prevention.


​​​The Healthy Mouth

 Richard A. Miller DDS, FAGD